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TBR List Tag

I was tagged by @bookishhedgemom for the TBR List tag some time ago now, but not knowing how to go about doing these tags, I shied away. Well now I’ve got book tags coming out of my ears, so I had better get on with it!

Q1: How do you track your TBR list? 

I track my TBR list in my notebook. I know, how traditional right? I know I should probably keep track some other, more modern way but whenever I see a book that I like the look/sound of, I quickly write it down in my notebook.

Q2: Is your TBR mostly printed/eBooks?

Right now, my TBR is mostly paperbacks. I love a beautiful paperback and you just can’t beat the smell of a new book can you? I do go through stages of loving eBooks and getting a bit ‘click-happy’ on Amazon but at the minute, I’m loving physical copies more. 

Q3: How do you determine your next read?

Sometimes I have books that I want to read as soon as it’s delivered. Other times I have so many great books I can’t decide which one I should read next. That’s when I will do a poll on my Bookstagram account and let my followers decide. I also make sure I mix my genres up if I can. If I’ve read a thrilling horror/crime book, I’ll mix it up and read a romance next. And vice versa.

The next few questions are about the specific books on my list. Here are my answers:

This book has been on here so long, my copy is no doubt covered in dust!
I’m such a huge fan of Dracula so a book about his wives? How have I only just discovered this?!
Such a beautiful cover. It gets better the more you look at its details.
Probably the biggest and hardest book I’ve got on this list. Will I ever read it? Probably not.
I LOVE Homegoing so so much, so I cannot wait to read her next book.
If you’re on Bookstagram, this book is EVERYWHERE.
Recommended to me by one of my closest book friends. I love John Boyne so I’m expecting BIG things.
Ahhhh Sue. My favourite author. I’ve waited four years for this book. So yeah, I’m excited.

So there is a quick insight into my TBR list. Have a look on yours and see which books on there would help you answer these questions!

Happy reading!

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