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Book Newbie Tag

I was inspired by @hogwartsgrad_7 who has recently set up a Booktube channel (be sure to check it out!) and she answered these book newbie questions. They were originally aimed at new Booktubers but I thought I’d tailor the questions for my blog and give you a kind of introduction as I’m still new to this whole book blogging world. 

Q1: Why did you start this blog?

When I was at University I started a blog during my summer break because I was reading a lot and I missed not reviewing and discussing the books I read. Since then, I’ve finished university and have been working full-time, whilst also trying to figure out who I am, I guess. After some topsy-turvy events, my life has finally started settling down again and I thought to myself, I need a hobby. So I created a Bookstagram account and a blog to go with it!

Q2: What are some fun unique things you can bring to the book blogging world? 

Some fun and unique things I can bring to the book blogging world are my reviews will always be quite detailed (apologies if that’s not what you like) but I will try and discuss the books I’ve read from an angle that maybe you’ve never thought about before or perhaps thought to yourself whilst reading! Oh…that and my lovely northern, Manchester accent!

Q3: What are you most excited about with your book blog?

I guess what I’m most excited about with my book blog is that I get the opportunity to join this lovely and welcoming community that I never even knew existed. Everyone has been so nice and I’m discovering some AMAZING books to read which I would never have known about. I’ve also had a few authors comment on my Bookstagram pictures and I have to pinch myself every time just to make sure that it’s actually happening. I guess that is pretty exciting!

Q4: Why do you love reading?

I love reading because there is so much power in a good book. Even in a bad book as well, I suppose. I have always loved reading ever since my Dad read Roald Dahl books to me before bed when I was younger and let me tell you…no one does the Witches voice better. A good book can take you anywhere you want to go and make you forget about what’s going on in the real world just for one moment. 

Q5: What book/series got you into reading? 

I think the earliest memory of me reading and being obsessed with a book was the Jaqueline Wilson series Girls. This introduced making out with boys, eating disorders, heartbreak, and all that fun stuff involved in your early teens. I can remember sitting in my bed until the early hours of the morning reading these books and I can’t wait till I have a teenage daughter so I can introduce these to her. I might regret saying that in years to come! Let us not mention my obsession with Twilight. I think I may still have my #TeamJacob hoody somewhere but the less said about that the better…

Q6: What questions would you like to ask your favourite author? 

My favourite authors are still alive thankfully, so if I ever got the opportunity to ask them a question I would ask: 

Q7: What challenges do you think having a book blog will be the hardest to overcome?

I think what my main challenges will be are creating content that people love and can engage with. I have this fear that out of nowhere, people will just start unfollowing me and not liking my stuff and I try and tell myself that if that happens, it will be OK. Well, it will be OK but it will definitely hurt. Another challenge that could be hard to overcome will be keeping active and continuing to read as much as I want when the lockdown is over and I return to work. I love my job but I can definitely sense that I’ll have a lockdown hangover when I step back into reality and can no longer just sit on a sun lounger all day reading. 

So that’s a little introduction to me and I hope you’ve enjoyed my answers. I’ve tagged a few other bloggers in this so hopefully, I will get to see your answers too! 

Stay tuned for some more book tag posts and be sure to tag me in any you complete!

Happy reading!

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