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BLOG TOUR: Dangerous Women

“We’ve turned ourselves into something. We’re many small pieces, each of us different but now stitched together. A patchwork of souls.”

Today I am honoured to be joining the other brilliant Book Bloggers and Bookstagrammers on the blog tour for Dangerous Women by Hope Adams.

Dangerous Women is set in London, 1841. The Rajah sails for Australia. On board are 180 women convicted of petty crimes, sentenced to start a new life half way across the world. Daughters, sisters, mothers – they will never see home or family again. Despised and damned, all they have now is each other.

Until the murder…

As the fearful hunt for a killer begins, everyone on board is a suspect. The investigation risks tearing their friendships apart. But if the killer is not found, could it cost them all their last chance of freedom?

Based on a real-life voyage, Dangerous Women is a sweeping tale of confinement, hope and the terrible things we do to survive.

What Did I Think?

They say that books are one of the best forms of escapism, and when they say that they mean books like Dangerous Women. The setting of this book is done so superbly, you feel like you know exactly what image the author is describing. The setting makes you feel like you are there, watching and listening to all the women surrounding you.

The book fluctuates between narrators and this excellently adds to the story and the narrative of women’s experiences in the 1800s. The different narratives also allowed me to understand different women’s perspectives and outlooks of the time, as well as helping me to draw an emotional connection with each character.

So, I was then shocked to hear that the book was inspired by a true historic event. The Rajah voyage actually did transport 180 convicts to Tasmania (as it is now known) in which 18 women crafted a patchwork quilt, which is held at the National Gallery of Australia. Therefore, the book for me, beautifully mixed fiction and history, with female empowerment and survival right at its very heart.

Being a HUGE history nerd myself, it is no doubt that my favourite part about this book was the sheer historical context/research that went into its making. I can’t begin to imagine how much research the author must have undertaken to achieve the very feeling that you’ve stepped back in time, but for me, that was the most enjoyable experience.

Dangerous Women gives a voice to the women who were on-board this voyage in such a clever and raw way, that you read this book like you have been allowed to step onto that very same voyage with them. With the murder mystery/thriller aspect of the novel also making you catch a glimpse of just how frightening it must have been for these women, I think Hope Adams has done a fantastic job of creating a novel that celebrates women, sisterhood, and friendship.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Gaby Young and Michael Joseph for my gifted ARC andfor inviting me to be part of the blog tour!.

Dangerous Women

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Publisher: Michael Joseph
Published: 2021
No. of Pages: 400
Genre: Historical Fiction
Trigger Warnings: violence against women, self-harm, rape, incest, miscarriage, sexual assault, infant death, murder
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Blackwells


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