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REVIEW: Insatiable

“When I come, it’s like falling into a bottomless black hole. I’m so overwhelmed by pure sensation that I feel nothing. But this time, it’s pure white light. I’ve been shot into a galaxy of luminous, trailing stars.”

What Did I Think?

So…same old story, I saw A LOT of excitement for this book and without a second thought, I bought the book because I wanted a peice of the action!

The blurb makes it sounds deliciously dirty and naughty but I was left wanting so much more. Don’t get me wrong some of the scenes are RAUNCHY and ridiculously sexy, but I felt like it was a bit ‘tame’ on that front.

However, sex aside, one thing I did enjoy about this book was the exploration of relationship dynamics. We have so many different types of relationships going on in this book and it was refreshing/interesting to see how dating/love/sex have changed in modern times. Daisy Buchanan perfectly sums up this feeling that ‘there should be more to life than this’ and hence why our narrator/protagonist goes searching for more and more…

Overall, I enjoyed it but I wasn’t overly blown away by it. It might just me but I WANTED MORE. It did spark very interesting questions about modern dating/relationships though which was really fun!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Publisher: Sphere
Published: 2021
No. Pages: 337
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Trigger Warnings: Sex, Group Sex, Psychological Abuse, Guilt, Broken Marriage, Miscarriage, Depression
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Blackwells 


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