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Richard and Judy Book Club: Winter Collection

So I’m coming at you again with the latest Richard and Judy Book Club picks. These books are for the Winter 2021 collection and I’m not kidding when I say I want to read every single one of these! They all look like they are the perfect thrillers to sink your teeth into and will definitely keep you busy this season.

Don’t forget that the Richard and Judy podcast explores each individual book and includes author Q&As, so if you decide to read any of these, be sure to check out the episode where Richard and Judy discuss them!

The Other Passenger – Louise Candlish

A gripping thriller full of twists and breathtaking suspense.  Jamie and Clare own a beautiful house in a prosperous London street.  Their much younger friends Kit and Melia can only dream of ever buying a house of their own.  The envy, avarice and sexual tension between them lead to murder.  But which one is the killer?  A brilliantly atmospheric read.

Rules for Perfect Murders – Peter Swanson

Seemingly disconnected murders that can’t be solved. Until the penny drops. They all weirdly echo killings described in world-famous mystery novels, authored by the likes of Agatha Christie, Patricia Highsmith, and Donna Tartt. So, are they in fact connected? Peter Swanson has written a hugely enjoyable, spine-chilling romp of a murder-mystery.

The Glass House – Eve Chase

This is a beautifully-written story. Eve Chase has something of the poet in her: her descriptions of a remote manor house nestling in an ancient forest are worth reading for themselves. But the plot of The Glass House is utterly absorbing in its own right – a foundling baby girl left out there in the woods; then a dead body discovered in the grounds… a wonderful, romantic, compelling mystery.

The Memory Wood – Sam Lloyd

An unforgettably chilling psychological thriller.  12 year-old Elijah has lived in the Memory Wood for as long as he can remember.  He has no friends.  So, when he finds 13 year-old Elissa abducted and imprisoned in his creepy but beloved Wood, he’s so lonely that he wants to keep her there.  Disturbing, unsettling, and compulsive.

Haven’t They Grown – Sophie Hannah

A great, quirky and addictive read.  What would you think if you bumped into an old friend and her children were 5 and 3, the same age they were when you last saw them 12 years ago?  Beth decides to find out, and the result is this complex and intriguing psychological thriller, full of astonishing twists.  A terrific, intelligent and classy story.

Just My Luck – Adele Parks

Play the lottery. Pay your stakes. But spread the cost and shorten the odds – bet with a group of friends. That means sharing any winnings – which is at the heart of Adele Parks’s cracking story. What if when the big numbers actually come up, only one couple in a syndicate of three believes they should keep all the money (eighteen million pounds of it)? A rich tale of greed and revenge.  

See I wasn’t lying when I said these all look INCREDIBLE. Most of them have been added to my TBR…do any interest you?


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