REVIEW: The Christmas Killer

“The sky remained heavy and grey, and the air felt raw. James wondered if this was the calm before the storm.”

Why Did I Read This Book?

This was chosen as my local book club read and as someone who hasn’t really ever read any Christmassy books, I was excited to experience my first one.

What Did I Think?

However, this book was not for me and I eventually made the hard decision to DNF the book after about 100 pages. I was recently listening to a new podcast called Off the Shelf by Phoebe at Pause Books where she interviewed a friend and she had this great commitment to giving a book 100 pages to impress you and if it doesn’t and you’re not enjoying it, then to just DNF.

I’m a strong advocate for DNF-ing books that just aren’t doing it for you and sadly The Christmas Killer was that for me. But I cannot stress enough that although I really didn’t enjoy this book, that is my opinion, and you may find that you love it so please still give it a try if it’s one you’re considering reading.

The reason I chose to DNF the book was that it was just too incredibly cheesy for me and included a lot of one-dimensional and ‘simple’ characters that I just found difficult to imagine. One thing I disliked most about it was the relationship between our protagonist and his wife. I thought to myself that marriages are surely NOT this easy and plain-sailing, especially when there is a mass murderer on the loose. The wife just seemed to ‘keep herself busy’ and when she couldn’t, she would sit at home endlessly pining for her husband. I’m sorry but have we gone back to the 19th Century?

There were other reasons why this book didn’t do it for me but instead of droning on about all the reasons I didn’t like it, I’ll stop here.

Not for me but I’ll definitely still try to read the other Christmas books I have planned for this month to see if they are any better.

The Christmas Killer

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Published: 2020
Publisher: Avon
# of Pages: 400
Genre: Thriller
Trigger Warnings: Violence, blood, death, murder, stereotypes, abuse, knife crime 
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Blackwells

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