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REVIEW: In Five Years

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Why Did I Read This Book?

This was the October pick for Beth’s Book Club and this is one that I have wanted to read for such a long time. When I first joined Bookstagram, this book was just being released so it was everywhere I looked when I was scrolling through my feed.

“This is a love story but not the love story you’re expecting.”

What Did I Think?

I’m glad that Beth picked an easy book to finish October off. The book itself is just over 200 pages, with short chapters and an easy-to-follow storyline and it was everything I needed when I decided to pick this one up. 

The book is about Manhattan lawyer Dannie Cohan, who has the perfect life; a good career, a gorgeous fiance and the dream flat in New York. But when she wakes up, she’s suddenly in a different apartment, with a different ring on her finger, and next to a very different man. The television news is on in the background, and she can just make out the scrolling date. It’s the same night—December 15—but 2025, five years in the future.

There was fantastic character development in this book and I had really started to bond closely with the protagonist Dannie by the end. I really liked the idea that she saw what was going to happen in five years and the story led us to that very moment with twists and turns along the way. 

I expected a light-hearted love story/rom-com but I got something very different so I would just pre-warn you if you are thinking about reading this book that isn’t your usual romance novel. I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I devoured the book in one day.

In Five Years

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Publisher: Quercus
Published: 2020 (UK)
# of Pages: 251
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Trigger Warnings: Death, cancer, relationship, breakdown, heartbreak, grief
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Blackwells


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