ARC REVIEW: Imperfect Women

Why Did I Read This Book?

I was kindly gifted this as part of a Twitter competition I won and I couldn’t believe I managed to get an ARC of this gorgeous and enthralling novel. It was published on June 16th, so my review is a bit late to the party, but this is one that kept me on my toes…

What Did I Think?

When Nancy Hennessy is murdered, she leaves behind two best friends, an adoring husband and daughter, and a secret lover whose identity she took to the grave. Nancy was gorgeous, wealthy, and cherished by those who knew her—from the outside, her life was perfect. But as the investigation into her death flounders and her friends Eleanor and Mary wrestle with their grief, dark details surface that reveal how little they knew their friend, each other, and maybe even themselves.

The book follows three women who lead very different lives to one another. One is gorgeous and rich, the other has always put her career first and the third had children young and from there, being a stay-at-home mum was her only option. 

Imperfect Women is kind of a murder-mystery but also a great depiction of womanhood. As I mentioned before, it follows three very different women and how their careers, children, and relationships have ruled their life. There are a lot of controlling men in the novel and there were numerous times where I was left with my blood boiling. 

Although it is fantastically written, I did manage to guess the plot pretty quickly but maybe that’s the beauty of this novel; that you know who did it but you’re desperate to find out HOW. One thing I definitely didn’t guess was all the other exciting and gob-smacking moments throughout the novel.

The novel is split into three different parts and in each part, we are introduced to a new narrator and their story. I found it interesting that I also disliked all three women at some point throughout their stories but I think this was intentional by the author; proving once and for all that not all women are perfect.
Imperfect Women is one that was gripping from the start and was extremely easy to read. I thought it gave such a true representation into how there is always one rule for women and another for men in all aspects of society.

Imperfect Women

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Publisher: Orion Books
Published: 2020
# of Pages: 304
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Trigger Warnings: Murder, manslaughter, depression, abuse, adultery, drug abuse
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Blackwells

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