REVIEW: The Hungover Games

“It had all happened by accident. I hadn’t meant to have a baby at all. I hadn’t meant not to have a baby either, by which I mean I always thought I’d have children one day.”

Why Did I Read This Book?

Due to our mate ‘Rona’ killing everyone’s vibe, book events look very different now. Gone are the days of going to your local Waterstones for a book signing, sipping on cheap wine and getting starstruck when you meet high-profile and bestselling authors. Now, publishers and bookstores have had to take their book events virtual and PenguinLive is doing a fantastic job of promoting new releases through Zoom events.

I got my copy of The Hungover Games through signing up for an event with the author, Sophie Heawood, hosted by the fabulous Dolly Alderton.

What Did I Think?

The Hungover Games is true-story about a young woman’s journey to motherhood. She became pregnant unexpectedly after one of her hook-ups and found herself single, pregnant and broke. Sophie Heawood talks through the highs and lows of being pregnant and a new mother in the modern world, with her brutally honest comedy shining through each story.

Being 24 and without children, there were moments in her story that was solely about her experience of pregnancy and early motherhood and I struggled to relate to what she was talking about. Yet there are definitely some lessons I can take and which are good to know for when I am a mother.

I always love hearing/reading about people’s dating lives to see laugh and relate to other people’s horrific and strange dating experiences because we’ve all had them and sometimes you can end up questioning whether you’re the only one.

I really enjoyed the little insights into the interviews she was having with extremely famous celebrities and her humour was absolutely fantastic. There were multiple times when I was genuinely creasing at her stories. One thing for certain is that her daughter is going to have such an amazing and fun life. She is going to grow up resilient and strong just like her mother.

Sophie Heawood x Dolly Alderton: The Hungover Games

I really enjoyed this event where Sophie and Dolly discussed the difficulties in writing memoir because it’s hard to choose the stories you tell and hard to pick where to begin. They discussed how much a memoir can be unrelatable as much as it can be funny and uplifting. Sophie stated that she wrote this book in the hope that its raw and uncensored stories would help those who may need it.

Sophie made me laugh when she was talking about how she spent most of her 20s drunk in East London, before moving to LA for work in her 30s. The contrasts she makes between London and LA in her book will definitely tempt the wanderlust in you, depicting LA as this calm and tolerant part of the world.

The two also discussed how it is hard to raise women now with social media and internet being such an accessible part of our lives. There’s such a focus on how women should look and behave, as well as the constant battle for attention and likes on our feeds. Sophie makes a good point when she stated that she fears for her daughter and will do everything she can to make her daughter feel beautiful in her own skin compared to what she sees on the internet and on television.

The Hungover Games

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Published: 2020
Publisher: Penguin Books (Jonathan Cape)
# of Pages: 256
Genre: Memoir, Comedy
Trigger Warnings: Childbirth, sexual references, alcohol and drug abuse
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Blackwells

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