My #Reading Rush Week

This is my first #readingrush week and I actually only found out about it a few days before it started. Last minute, as always. So to document my first ever reading rush, I’m going to do a weekly run-through of where I got to each day.


So to kick of the reading rush, I started To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in order to tick off the following challenges:

~ A book that matches my birthstone
~ A book inspired by a movie I’ve already seen
~ A book that takes place on a different continent


I managed to get through 36 chapters on Monday and by the end of Tuesday, I was well on my way to finishing by getting to chapter 59.

The chapters were short and quick and therefore were easy to devour. As I had already seen the film, I could easily visualise the characters in the story.


I finished Book One and I absolutely loved it. It was a great easy read and something I could easily get lost in. I think I preferred it to the actual Netflix movie but having seen the film before, I think it was easier to imagine the setting and the characters.


I started Book Two, The Cruel Prince on Thursday and I managed to get through to chapter 11. This book was totally out of my comfort zone but the story was already gripping and unfolding within chapters. This book is helping me tick off the following challenges:

~ A book that starts with ‘The’
~ Reading a book outside of my house
~ A book in a genre I want to read more of


So I managed to read up to chapter 18 on Friday as I spent the majority of the day writing and organising my blog.

I was getting further into The Cruel Prince and I was loving every second of it! The more the story was unfolding, the more I found myself really rooting for Jude (the main character) and her sass makes her one of my favourite heroines!

In the evening I went our for drinks with my friends and it was so lovely to be back out socialising!


I spent the majority of Saturday in the hairdressers getting my hair blonde again! I spent nearly four hours saying bye to my awful roots and split ends and I celebrated the new hair do by going out for food with my lovely CrossFit family!

We were celebrating the gyms being back open here in the UK, as well as giving one of our members an early send off before her move abroad!

Safe to say I didn’t get much reading done, but I managed to fit a few chapters in here and there which took me up to chapter 25!


So on Sunday, me and my boyfriend nursed our sore, hungover heads by going for some well-earned pancakes and waffles for breakfast! It was divine and I managed to finish The Cruel Prince just in time to complete the reading rush!!!!

This was my first Reading Rush and I thoroughly enjoyed getting involved with all the challenges and it was something that kept me motivated throughout the week. I’ve never participated in a readathon before but now I know I can, I will definitely be signing up for more.

Unfortunately, I must address the elephant in the room. I woke up this morning to see #thereadingrush trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. I’m not entirely sure what has happened and I plan to find out more but I believe it was very disrespectful of such a HUGE organisation and a lot of people and fans have been hurt and left disappointed. This may prevent me, you and others from getting involved with further reading rushes as I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that I do not want to be associated with an organisation that does not actively work to promote the BAME authors.

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