TV REVIEW: Little Fires Everywhere

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR EYES. I actually put down a book and watched a TV series…can you believe it?

I recently asked my followers what sort of content they would like to see on my blog and a lot of you requested reviews of TV adaptations of books.

So I’ve recently finished Reese Witherspoon’s production of Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere and I can honestly say its one of the best TV programmes I’ve watched this year.

Available now on Amazon Prime Video, Little Fires Everywhere is the TV adaptation of the bestselling book. I read the book at the start of this year and I had mixed feelings towards it. I personally felt like the book was too long, with a bunch of stories running through it that maybe confused the reader more than educating. I found that with the book, even though it was wonderfully written, there were times where I nodded off or became distracted. I wasn’t as hooked as I was watching this TV series.

As someone who doesn’t usually enjoy TV adaptations, Reese Witherspoon has done an incredible job of creating a series that is as good (perhaps even better) than the book. I loved how the characters in the series get their own part in the story, which was sometimes not as clear in the book. The book, for me, mainly followed the relationship between Elena Richardson and Mia Warren, whereas in the TV series, each character had their own story to show. One in particular that really struck me was the Lexie Richardson story, as it perfectly showed how Lexie, due to her privilege and upbringing, was systemically racist without even realising.

The relationship between Izzy and Elena was really interesting and one that wasn’t as clearly developed and shown in the book in my opinion. In the TV series, it was evidently clear that Elena’s relationship with Izzy wasn’t the same as her relationship and closeness with her other children.

I would highly recommend this TV show and I hope that Reese Witherspoon continues to create dramas like this because it was one that was extremely easy to become hooked on.

TV SERIES: Little Fires Everywhere

Rating: 5 out of 5.

12 thoughts on “TV REVIEW: Little Fires Everywhere”

  1. I always have my eye out for Reese Witherspoon book-adapted TV series! While I didn’t adore the second season of Big Little Lies (it strode to far from the source material in my opinion), I LOVED the first season – and I felt the same way about Little Fires Everywhere. I can’t wait to see what she adapts next!

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    1. Yeah it’s annoying how it’s on paid subscriptions! I got a free trial of Amazon Prime so I could watch it and now I’m loving all the benefits of Amazon Prime, I don’t think I’ll ever cancel it haha!

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  2. Ok, this will be the next series I watch!! I read Little Fires Everywhere and really enjoyed it, this review has me so excited for the show!!

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