Taking My First Steps to Fulfilment with Life Coach Emma

Most of you may have heard of life coaching or may even follow life coaching accounts on social media, but what really is it and how can it help you?

I think now is a better time than ever to spend some time on yourself. Never again may we all be given the opportunity to take some time off and re-evaluate our life goals. No doubt there has been times during lockdown (and maybe even beforehand) where you’ve felt like you have lost your sense of direction in life. I know first-hand what it feels like to go about doing the same routine every day and getting absolutely no happiness from my daily activities. 

So if you’re looking to locate that direction in your life, life coaching can provide that first step to fulfilment and finding happiness. Whether it’s simply a chat with a qualified coach or whether it’s taking part in different goal-orientated sessions, life coaching can be the light at the end of what may seem like a very long and dark tunnel. 

Emma Greenwood is a highly qualified and renowned transformation coach, who has started her journey in helping others to change their life direction through visualising how they want their future to look like. I am very lucky to call this wonderful mother of four and successful businesswoman one of my friends and I caught up with her to discuss her new venture: 

What made you go into life coaching? 

I just felt I had a calling to help people and for a long time, I had no direction in how to do that. My day job was as a beautician and we all know that our deepest secrets stay in the salon when we leave. I suddenly found myself surrounded by clients who needed genuine help, not like what to wear on a first date, but raw stuff. I found myself coaching them, mostly on self-worth, but also offering literature and programs to try. I had people showing up because their friends told them about me, and not just my work but to be around me as a person. I gave them hope. I shared my own story so they knew they weren’t alone and most often, I was just somebody who listened.

I began to read more, seeking my own help at a point of frustration. All the self-help books tell you what you need to do, but none of them describe how. I really enjoyed the books by Louise Hay and her amazing story, along with Rebecca Campbell who writes about how we need to remember a time when women were sacred, its not about rising over men, just rising ourselves.

I met a lady at a Moon Circle, Gillian. She reminded me of my mums eldest sister; softly spoken and kind. We started meeting up and I started to pour so much into myself that on my last visit, she said she didn’t recognise me anymore. I had been carrying so much and suddenly I was lighter. She kept telling me I could help people, that I was passionate when delivering my message, but I still didn’t know how.

I knew I wanted to coach women. I wanted the message I had to be spread and I even looked into Midwifery with dreams to create a magical community, offering appointments on self-care and the importance of not losing your identity after a baby. I went to an open day and realised I would be delivering babies, which suddenly seemed like a huge responsibility I wasn’t prepared to do. There was fake blood coming from a birth simulator and even as a mother of four, I found it a bit gruesome! The other end of delivery is nothing like your own birth experience.

My best friend bought me a ticket for a talk on creating a new business, and I went along expecting nothing. I didn’t resonate with the girl who was hosting but her guest speaker really captivated me. She is a Business and Intuition Coach called Caroline. Her story was so different to mine, but I knew my story would help as much. The penny finally dropped and I went on to learn so much from Caroline over the next few months, including how to brand and market my business, as well as how to lead with my heart and speak my truth.

I signed up for a Diploma to be accredited as a Coach, which takes some time but I know it will take me to places and people where help is really needed.

What types of support do you offer? 

Coaching can cover any aspect of life, unlike counselling, the approach is that we are already whole and do not need fixing. Coaching is all about your mindset, from relationships with food, career changes, anxiety, self-esteem, family, relationships, money, intuition, healing from trauma and rebuilding self-confidence.

I specialise in creating a space for women who want to or have left a relationship which is not serving them, this could be abusive or simply just not amicable. They may feel defeated and deflated. My work empowers them to make a fresh start, address their finances, keep safe and start to love themselves as they want to receive love. I often get them to make a shopping list of character traits they want to see in a future partner rather than going for that “special buy”.

This all helps with finding their self-worth and really acknowledging the tremendous journey they are on. Although I have experience in setting up and running a successful business, running an organised home, money blocks and getting debt free is different. A lot of self-worth is the story you tell yourself about you, and it can, of course, always be rewritten.

What is a vision board and how can it help? 

I love the quote: “A man is but a product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes”. If you look at a board everyday and meditate over it, it will become a focus in your life.

The quote really highlights what are think about how every day is manifesting itself. If you start to make a vision board, I really suggest you do it with purpose and meaning. Begin with looking at different areas of your life and really think how you could improve them. For example you could add a photo of a big house with a pool. You know that to get there, you are going to have to put in some serious work. As you look at the house as an achievement, you will begin to understand what it will take to get there.

My vision board workshop which is available on my website, breaks everything down into simple, manageable sections for you to work out what you really want to see in your life, whether it is material or spiritual.

There are some free downloads available on your website, how can they help someone who wants to get started on changing their life? 

My favourite download at the moment has to be “Frazzled to Fabulous”. The lockdown has really turned everyone’s life upside down. Whether you are a parent or furloughed at home. Relationships are being forced into places they have never been, and sometimes they don’t seem to fit! We are desperately missing the busy life we had only months ago, which gave us chance to shy away from feelings. The workshop will encourage you to really think about self-care (whatever you consider that to be). Whether its managing time or accepting that something is making us angry.

There is also a special piece just for those on lockdown, “Finding Yourself In The Darkness”. With this workshop, you will find a series of questions which will lead you to find what has really made your heart feel light over the past few months, helping you focus on what you have discovered about yourself, what relationships you would like to improve or perhaps distance yourself from.

What would you say is the first step in self-discovery? 

The first step would always be to recognise what you are doing currently is not serving you. It’s important to really know that you deserve to live in happiness and nothing really has to be a pressurised situation if we create boundaries and ensure we stick to them.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling right now?

Talk! Talk to someone who will listen and hold a space for you to feel safe. Journal, write down your good days (and your bad days too), your thoughts, ideas, secret desires and plans for the future.

If you are struggling right now, then know you are not alone! Life is a balance, its not all meant to be unicorns and rainbows. There are times of grief and pain, of sadness and anger. Love is unconditional and you can feel that towards yourself and others despite any other feelings. Love is always good, and is never the cause of pain. Loving yourself and giving yourself time is not stealing time from anyone else.

A trick I learnt is to imagine yourself as the sky, big and blue and vast. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are clouds that pass through the sky, some stay longer than others. If you could remember this day a year ago, could you remember what you were worried or angry about? We can acknowledge these feelings and let them go, knowing they will eventually pass on by like clouds.

If you are in an abusive relationship and need help I strongly advise you contact Women’s Aid if and when you are ready. If you need to leave in an emergency, prepare a bag that you can keep somewhere with clothing and money if you can. Preparing to leave can often be a catalyst, but you can escape and live a life after the storm. My next blog post is based on how to be a good friend to someone who is suffering at home.

You can find Emma on Instagram and Facebook. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, go check out the free downloads currently available on her website. Emma is also offering a free breakthrough call for those who wish to find out more. 

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