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REVIEW: The Sunday Lunch Club

“There is so much more to roast beef than mere lunch. Each roast carries echoes of all the roasts that went before. No two gravy recipes are the same. Some families insist on peas; others stage a mutiny if a carrot is involved.

Why Did I Read This Book?

I saw this on Amazon and thought it looked like a nice quirky read. You know one of those lovely books where it doesn’t take much effort to get through it? After reading some harrowing and graphic thrillers recently, I thought that it would be nice to read something light and uplifting on a sunny day.

What Did I Think?

The first rule of Sunday Lunch Club is don’t make any afternoon plans. And it’s a good job that I didn’t have any plans the day I read it because I could not tear myself away from it. It’s a really easy, enlightening read and I felt attached to every single character.

What I loved most about this book was that every character has their own shit going on and when they get together, it’s like one big counseling session. It shows the strength of family and sibling love, as well as highlighting that every family has its problems and secrets.

The Piper family is far from perfect and is like one of many mismatched families in society, yet when they are all sat together, feasting on a delicious Sunday lunch, every single one of them is accepted and loved no matter what.

The book is written from the main character, Anna’s perspective. Her own story is both heart-warming and heartbreaking but the overall reason why I fell in love with her is that each member of her family confides in her. Whenever anything goes wrong in her siblings’ lives, Anna is there for them to rant to. She acts as the mediator in the book which cleverly allows us to get a deeper insight into each character’s story.

As a nice added touch, each chapter starts with a menu of food being served at that particular Sunday lunch. Some of the menus made me cry with laughter, whereas others simply made my mouth water. Each character has to host Sunday lunch at some point and what I think was clever by Juliet Ashton, was how each menu shows each character’s personality in the choice of food they serve.

After finishing the book, I created a little fun game that displayed some of the menus from the book for people to decide which one they love the most. Opinions were split, but I think the most popular ones were Lunch 2, 5 and 7. I’ve attached the pictures below for you to decide yourself. Let me know which ones make your mouth water too!

A Sunday roast is a comfort blanket made of meat, a link to the past, a reassurance that not everything changes.”

The Sunday Lunch Club

Rating: 3 out of 5.

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Sunday Lunch Club”

  1. Just the name of this book made me want to check it out immediately, and your review made me want that all the more! It really sounds like a warm, comfortable read!

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