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REVIEW: The Keeper of Lost Things

“We can’t always win and we can’t always be happy. But the one thing that we can always do is try.”

Why Did I Read This Book?

This book has always been one I wanted to read since it was published back in 2017. I found a copy on World of Books which is a discount book retailer and is still delivering book mail to people during these uncertain times, proving that not all heroes wear capes, ey!

What Did I Think?

Now as much as I did enjoy this book, I did find it slow to start. To the point where I was going to give up on it (gasp) but then things really started to kick off, so I’m extremely glad I carried on. It could have just been because I started reading this over the weekend and I was feeling a bit down and overwhelmed by everything going on at the minute so you may not find it as slow to start as me. I promise, by the 20th chapter you will not be able to put the book down. 

What I loved most about this book was the concept, Anthony spent his whole life collecting items that people had lost, carefully nurturing them in the hope that one day they will be returned to their owner. It made me realise it is truly amazing what people lose without knowing. Each item gets its own back story, which makes each lost thing that little bit more interesting. 

There are two stories running alongside each other and I did find myself repeatedly questioning how the two were connected, with Ruth Hogan keeping me guessing until the very end. It is definitely a ‘feel good’ book and does restore your faith in humanity a little. Maybe I shouldn’t be revealing this much, but I definitely didn’t expect it to turn into a kind of ghost story…but I’ll leave you to enjoy that little surprise storyline on your own. 

I also really liked the link to the Patron Saint of lost things, whose name happens to be St. Anthony of Padua. I love how Ruth Hogan’s quirky play on this and the references to old folk tales really add an exciting spin on well, hoarding basically. She actually admitted in an interview that she got her inspiration from her neighbour who was famous in the community for hoarding. 

It was a lovely, quick ‘feel good’ read and I’m glad I can (finally) tick it off my list. What is even more special about this read is that Ruth Hogan actually set up her own Instagram account dedicated to advertising the lost things she found whilst writing this novel in the hope, like her main character Anthony, that they will be eventually reunited with their owner! Have a look for yourselves! 


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