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Shakespeare Week

‘Something wicked this way comes’

A WHOLE week dedicated to Shakespeare you say? Oh, what joys! I reckon the sadness that lengthened Romeo’s hours, was not having a national Shakespeare Week, do you agree?

If this is your idea of hell, just bear with me. This week (16th-22nd March) has been national Shakespeare Week which is aimed at primary school children to help enrich their early learning years with our Bill’s work.

Shakespeare is always something that seems incredibly daunting, even to the most avid reader but if you’re like me, once you read one of his plays and familiarise yourself with the language, you will find that Shakespeare was actually a pretty funny guy!

Macbeth is my favourite Shakespeare play, having studied it in great detail and being such a HUGE fan of the Gothic genre. I love the depiction of Lady Macbeth and my heart always goes out to Macbeth whose mind was ruined with the thought of power. I would definitely be as mad as him if my tarot reading told me I was going to win the lottery. I would probably start spending the money in my head weeks before!

The website offers a great range of free activities, workshops and resources to help children learn and understand his works. From the retelling of his most famous plays to art and crafts activities, the website offers everything you need to keep your little ones busy during this crazy and uncertain time.

And I wouldn’t say that you have to be a kid to enjoy these works, Shakespeare should be enjoyed all!


2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Week”

  1. ooh I had no idea this week was Shakespeare Week! We did Romeo & Juliet in school and performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but I haven’t really gotten into any other Shakespeare stuff. I remember Macbeth vaguely (my sister’s class did that one) but I’d definitely like to read or watch it – one of the few things I do recall about it was Lady Macbeth!

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