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REVIEW: The Binding

‘We take memories and bind them. Whatever people can’t bear to remember. Whatever they can’t live with. We take those memories and put them where they can’t do any harm. That’s all books are.’

Why Did I Read This Book?

I wouldn’t say that fantasy is usually a genre that I tend to read. In the past I have steered away from them as I have only ever come across cheesy, trying to be Lord of the Rings / Game of Thrones types. You know what I mean. However I picked this as it was ‘Bestselling’ on my Kindle app and ok, I’ll admit, it has a beautiful front cover (don’t judge!).  

What Did I Think?

I think Bridget Collins encapsulates escapist fiction in one of the most unique and inspiring ways. The whole concept of the novel is that people’s memories are removed from their recollection and bound into a book. It helps those forget traumatic and unbearable memories, but as the popularity of binding grows, it also allows the rich and powerful in society to forget their crimes and hide their sins through enforcing silence in others. 

What makes this read so encapsulating is that every detail is so exact and authentic. There are multiple themes running through this novel, yet at the heart lies a love story between two people who society prevents from being together. It reminds me very much of a Victorian society in which everyone had their little dirty secrets that they hide from everybody, as well as themselves. So if you’re thinking of delving into a parable that illustrates the necessity of living with your mistakes, or in fact, like me, you’re interested in reading some other genres, I would definitely recommend The Binding.


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